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Get Smart Mentoring | Self Care for Superwomen

Get Smart Girls are many things: leaders, volunteers, students, mentors, daughters and sisters, friends and special someones. We are excellent in what we are called to do. We are strong, unwavering rocks of support for our loved ones. We are everyday superwomen, but it’s so easy to forget to turn those superpowers of love and compassion back on ourselves. We often ignore our own needs for care and comfort when we’re busy with big projects, spending all our energy caring for others or when unexpected life events crop up. But we need coffee dates and vent sessions with our best friends, bear hugs from our mothers and mentors and the space to decompress and cry just as much as those we care for do.

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Get Smart Mentoring | 3 Reasons Finding a Mentor Will Rock Your Career

If you’re anything like me and you skipped the corporate office internships in college, your first job out of college can be a huge adjustment. First career-level jobs are never easy, but there has to be a first if there’s to be a second. As you get settled in with your very own workspace and phone extension, maybe even a box of business cards waiting for you on your desk, your peers will help you adjust to the quirks of office life. They’ll help you navigate the world of HR, casual Fridays, and changing the toner in the color printer (without accidentally turning your shoes blue). But if you really want to rock your job and set yourself on a rewarding career path, here’s my number one way to succeed: find a mentor.

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